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ACA Taiwan Typhoon Relief Fund


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The ACA Taiwan Typhoon Relief Program has concluded. The ACA would like to extend a warm Thank You to all the generous individuals who donated!


[August 25th, 2009]

The death toll is currently at 650 - Premier Liu Chao-shiuan has stated that 160 are confirmed dead with 490 listed as missing and presumed dead. (AP, Reuters)

[August 14th, 2009]

Typhoon Help Graphic

Typhoon Morakot triggered a series of disastrous mudslides in Taiwan last weekened. The death toll is expected to exceed 500, according to a recent statement made by Taiwanese president Ma Ying-jeou, and over 1300 people are still trapped in stricken areas awaiting rescue. (AP, CNN, Taipei Times)

[August 13th, 2009]

We have established the "ACA Taiwan Typhoon Relief Fund" and are calling on fellow Alaskans to help contribute towards recovery efforts. Anyone who would like donate may either send a check, payable to the ACA Taiwan Typhoon Relief Fund, at

P.O. Box 91047
Anchorage, AK 99509-1047

or make a direct deposit to the ACA Taiwan Typhoon Relief Fund, account #(number removed), at any Wells Fargo Branch. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated. Donations are sent directly to the Red Cross Society of the ROC (Taiwan).

Contact Kurt Wong at (number removed) for more information.