Welcome to homepage of the Alaska Chinese Association! We support the Chinese community in Anchorage, Alaska, and organize cultural events and activities for the general community of Anchorage. We also maintain a Chinese school to foster cultural appreciation in students of all ages.

The Alaska Chinese Association stands in solidarity with our Asian-American Pacific Islander community during this troubling time in our society. There is no place for hate.

News and Updates

August 29, 2021

About two months ago the Board surveyed our members on whether for ACA to host a Moon Festival event. We have received over 20 positive responses. However, due to the current Delta variant situation in our city, we regret to announce that the Board decided to not have a celebration event this year. For the same reason, our Chinese school will remain closed this fall. Safety is always our top priority. We appreciate your understanding and support of our association! Thanks.

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January 18, 2021

ACA is now accepting 2021 Scholarship Application by postal mail, and the application submission is due on Monday, February 1, 2021. Please read the newsletter for more information. Thanks.

August 23, 2020

To comply with the state and city mandates in response to the pandemic and to help slow down the spread of COVID-19, the board has made the following decisions:
1. The Yen Wulin Alaska Chinese School will cancel all its classes this fall.
2. ACA will cancel all activities throughout the rest of 2020 , including the Moon festival, and Christmas party.
3. We will extend 2020 memberships to 2021. All members who have paid 2020 membership fees will automatically become 2021 members.
We sincerely thank all our members for your patience and support during this unprecedented pandemic. Please take care of each other and let us know if you need any help from our association during this difficult time.

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June 2, 2020

Due to the Anchorage social distancing mandate, we regretfully announce the cancellation of the Dragon Boat festival this summer. Please read the newsletter for detailed information. Thanks.

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May 30, 2020

Alaska Chinese Association would like to thank all members and friends who helped our effort on donation of medical masks to our front-line fighters in City of Anchorage. After two months of relentless work by our campaign leaders in sweeping away many hurdles during shipping process, we finally received most of the shippment. Yesterday, we presented 8,000 masks to Anchorage Mayor. Please read the News from the Municipality of Anchorage Emergency Operation Center in details. Thanks.

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April 20, 2020

Wu Tang Kung Fu and Tai Chi Institute is offering its classes free to our members and Chinese school students through ZOOM online. Please read the flyer for more information. Thanks.

April 6, 2020

Please help ACA donate 10,000 masks to front-line fighters in the battle with the Coronavirus

Alaska Chinese Association is working on importing 10,000 surgical masks from China to donate to local hospitals and the Municipality of Anchorage to help protect the front-line fighters in the battle with the vicious Coronavirus. We are calling on our members and friends to help us achieve this goal by your generous donation. If you would like to help, please make your check payable, with memo "make a donation," to

Alaska Chinese Association
P.O. Box 91047
Anchorage, AK99509-1047

Please write "anonymous" on your check if you would not like your name mentioned publicly. Due to the current Hunker-down mandate, we may not see your check soon. You may make donation online via Venmo by scanning ACA bank account QR code . Please contact Samson Ning to make a pledge or if you have questions at samson.ning@gmail.com or 907-440-7495. Thank you.

March 20, 2020

ACA's annual member meeting and board election on April 4 has been cancelled, to avoid spreading of the vicious Corona-virus. It will be rescheduled at a safe time later. Meanwhile, please be vigilant, practice social distancing and stay home if possible. Let us work together through this pandemic disaster. Please stay safe! Thanks.


March 2020

Alaska Chinese Association annual meeting and board election is on Saturday, April 4. We urge all members to participate in this event and to support the association by casting your vote. Please read the news flyer for detailed information about this year meeting. Thank you.

Alaska Chinese Association will provide technical support to local Chinese community to complete 2020 Census questionnaire. Please contact Tina Merser at 907-243-8886 if you need help.

January 2020

Alaska Chinese Association has launched a fundraising campaign for Hubei nova coronavirus disaster relief. We plan to use part of the fund to purchase and ship personal protection equipment to the people in Hubei province of China; and the rest of the fund will be sent to an appropriate organisation in China for the purpose of Hubei nova coronavirus disaster relief.

We appreciate donations of any amount. Please make your check payable to "ACA Hubei disaster relief fund" and send to-
Alaska Chinese Association
P.O. Box 91047
Anchorage, AK 99509-1047

Thank you very much for your generosity and your support to ACA's effort! Together, we can and will win the battle against the nova coronavirus!


December 2019

Alaska Chinese Association is planning its Chinese Year of the Rat celebration scheduled on Sunday, January 26, 2020. We made some changes to this year celebration. The event is free to ACA Members. Instead of serving a full lunch, we will provide refreshments before the program begins. Please read news flyer for event details. Thanks.


November 2019

Alaska Chinese Association 2019 Christmas Potluck Party is scheduled on Saturday, December 14, 2019. We are seeking volunteers for food service in the kitchen. Individuals interested helping please contact event chairs (see news flyer for contact info). Please read news flyer for event details. Thanks.


September 2019

2019 Moon Festival celebration is coming on Saturday, September 14. Please read the news flyer for more information. Thanks.


August 2019

Yen Wulin Chinese School Fall 2019 opens on Friday, September 6th. 2019-2020 School calendar can be downloaded here . We are recruiting Chinese teachers this fall. Please contact school principals if you are interested in teaching on Friday evening. Please read newsletter for more information. Thanks.

ACA will celebrate 2019 Moon Festival on Saturday, September 14. Individuals or groups interesed in talent show participation please contact us by phone (see newletter for contact information.)


May 2019

To celebrate this year Dragon Boat festival, we invite all our members to a BBQ lunch on Saturday June 8th at the Sisterhood Park in Anchorage. Non-members are welcome with a fee paid at the entry. Please read newsletter for more information. Thanks.

April 2019

The annual meeting and board election was held as scheduled. We want to thank all who attended the meeting. Becuase of your participation and vote, we have successully completed our 2019 board election! Please click here for 2019 ACA board directors list.


March 2019

ACA's 2019 annual meeting and board election is on Saturday, April 6, 2019. Please read the newsletter for detailed information.

Don't forget to renew your 2019 membership to keep your member status current. Thanks.


February 2019

ACA is a major sponsor for this year Asian Cultural Night event. We invited National Taiwan University of Arts to perform on March 8 at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts in Anchorage.

We provide special discount for active ACA members! Buy one ticket at $20 and get one equal value ticket for free to the Asian Culture Night! Tickets can only be bought on Friday, March 1 at the Chinese school (4807 Northwood Dr, Anchorage), from 7-8 PM. Invite your friends and family members. This will be a memorable performance! Maximum 20 tickets total per member.

Don't forget to renew your 2019 membership to keep your member status current. Thanks.


January 2019

ACA will celebrate the year of Boar on February 3rd, 2019 at Anchorage East High School. The deadline for ACA scholarship is Friday, January 18th. Please read our newsletter for more infomation. Thanks.