Support the Alaska Chinese Association


Pay with Cheddar Up Your tax-deductible donation of any amount will greatly help us continue our mission and improve the Alaska Chinese Association. Donations will be used to improve our events along with adding cultural and educational functions to the community.

Our Mission: The Alaska Chinese Association serves to maintain social contacts and to provide cultural and educational functions to the Chinese community in Alaska.

Support any of the following Alaska Chinese Association Programs

  • Cultural Programs
  • Help us usher in Chinese cultural programs and experiences! Funds donated to cultural programs will help us bring in Chinese cultural workshops and activities for all ages.
  • Yen Wulin Chinese School
  • The Yen Wulin Chinese School is where our adult or children students learn the Chinese language in an in-person, immersive setting. Funds donated to the Yen Wulin Chinese School will be used to enhance the educational experience of our students.
  • Chinese New Year
  • Make our Chinese New Year Festival greater than ever! Funds donated to our Chinese New Year Festival will be used to help pay for venue costs, supplies, equipment, and all other expenses with the Chinese New Year Festival.
  • K-12 Academic Scholarships
  • With the cost of college tuition skyrocketing, funds donated to our K-12 Academic Scholarships will directly support our members' children to get a good education.
  • General Operations
  • Support our Alaska Chinese Association events throughout the year! These events have expenses that are not visible to the public including insurance, permits, rentals, and supplies.

Every donation, large or small, will have a lasting impact on generations to come. We greatly appreciate your support!

Donation Levels and Benefits

We are currently working on updating our donor benefits program.